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Products Page - What you will find on our stall

We try to supply all that you will need to look elegant and create your own vintage style. to this end we develop products of our own and also buy in beautiful products to present to you. We don't find it easy to manage web sales as well as attend the events . It is for this reason that we don't make our products available here. Please contact us for infomation on mail order availability for any of our products.

We have a range of snoods and hairnets for sale some of which are mass produced and sell on the stall for £5.00

we also have a range of handmade beaded snoods when available these sell for £12.00 each. we manufacture them during the winter so more are available at the events earlier in the year

We always carry a whole range of flower slides that are ideal for dressing up the attractive hair styles which we can do for you at events or for use with your own creations. We are always happy to share our knowledge of vintage styles and demonstrate techniques for you to practice. check out some of Rosie's mastery of creative hair below. 

Turbans  and Pinnys

Our ever popular, easy tie turbans are always available in a variety of patterns. They pare very nicely with our wrap pinnies made to a original 1940s CC41 pattern. we are always happy to demonstrate how they are tied. they are very practical and comfortable to ware and a great solution to camping hair.

To tie a easy tie turban take the gathered section and lay it across the hair line above the fringe. pin the ends of the gathered section to the hair line at the temples with a couple of bobby pins. Lay the scarf over the hair with the legs down the back. tuck all of the hair into the scarf. Pull the scarf over the tops of the ears. Long hair can be pined up to make this easier. twist the leg like bands around each other twice and bring them up over the ears. tie a bow over the gathered section and your done. a good vintage look and also good for the beech or garden etc.


In the 30s and 40s women often collected their hair from their brushes and combs to use as a former to roll their hair around. these formers were called rats from the term rat tails (the hair from the brushes and combs). we use foam rats that we have made to suitable sizes for 40s styles. we have these in short and long forms and also in three shades, brown, blond and black. the long rats are used to create this classic military look which can also be worn in a civilian style.

Hold the rat over the hair about level with the ears. Take a small section of hair horizontally over the end of the rat. next lift a section of hair from below the rat and tuck (not roll) it over the first section and behind the rat    ( like tucking in a bed) Repeat for the other end and then bring up the rest of the hair to cover the rest of the rat. Hold in place with hair pins.

The Rat Band is our latest addition to our product range and is proving to be extremely popular. it makes this classic 40s style very easy to achieve yourself in a matter of minutes. we produce these in a variety of patterns and plain ribbons. ask to see it next time your in the stall. you'll love it's simplicity.

Hand made - Individually styled hats. Manufactured for you by us

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